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MyFi have taken the complicated and made it simple. Our blog keeps you in the loop with what matters in a language that you can understand

What are my other options?

MyFi is a helping hand here to assist you to get finance. If you choose to continue with MyFi there are service fees and a subscription cost in addition to the loan offer you receive. These additional charges are not otherwise applicable if you deal directly with a lender. Dealing directly with a lender is a cheaper option and has it’s benefits. If you prefer this option you will be required to go through their internal process and you can do so via MyFi’s panel, simply Click Here (You will be required to submit individual applications for each provider you choose). (MyFi receives no payment for this service)

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To keep things as seamless and as simple as possible, MyFi uses the latest data scraping technology to retrieve your relevant activity in seconds. This enables us to quickly find the most suitable product for you. In order to perform this function you will be required to log in to your internet banking.

This technology is completely secure and also the future of data security. No credentials are stored, data is always encrypted and statements are only ever provided to whom you authorise.

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